Acacia SupaSleek Collection

Best of design and technology. Just got sleeker.



Best of Design and Technology.

When it comes to the finer details, nothing comes close to the Acacia SupaSleek Collection. Every curve is thoughtfully crafted, every gear is meticulously assembled. The best has just elevated for the better.



Embodying the best of design and technology, American Standard Acacia SupaSleek Collection boasts ultra-thin edges and super sleek lines in classy, elegant harmony that will elevate bathrooms to new heights of luxury.

Just got Sleeker.

Inspired by architectural slim, Acacia SupaSleek now boasts an ultra-sleek edge for that sleeker, modern style with zero compromises on comfort and technology. Look no further. Slim is the new now.


Thinner Than Ever.

Beneath these slim curves, they are packed with cutting-edge technologues. Touché.


Thinner Tank Lid

We took it a step further and redesigned a 17mm thin, sleek tank lid. All in the name of aesthetic.



Ultra-slim is not impossible with much dedication and innovation. Our CrystaSleek seat and cover made using a double injection molding process, enhances durability at the same time retaining a 30mm thin profile.


ThinEdge Tech

At 5mm thin, it is almost like an artpiece to match any bathroom. Made possible only with ThinEdge ceramic technology, Acacia SupaSleek basin is a true lasting beauty.

Uncompromising Technology.

True to our promise, Acacia SupaSleek is designed for discerning taste and maximum performance. Brawn and brain, all-in-one.

Hygiene Clean.

Take hygiene to the next level. We promise - no dirt, no stains, no bacteria. With HygieneClean technologies and innovation, you can put your mind at ease.

Double Vortex Flushing System

This innovative flushing system has 2 openings for water to create a strong whirlpool around the bowl, effectively removing heavy and light wastes.

PowerRim Tech.

Rimless design and technology ensure better hygiene and ease of cleaning powered by maximum flushing performance.

Aqua Ceramic

All our toilets are glazed with Aqua Ceramic, engineered to prevent accumulation of dirt and dark ring from forming on ceramic surface. The award-winning super hydrophilic technology always ensures a spotless toilet.


When it comes to safety and hygiene, we never compromise. ComfortClean effectively eliminates E. coli bacteria and other harmful bacteria.

Human Centric


Ceramic Drainage

Unlike conventional chrome wastes, our pillow-spherical ceramic drainage wastes blends in seamlessly with our basin for the luxurious look.


Raised Edge

An elevated basin deck prevents splashes and promotes easy cleaning. At the same time completing the ultra-slim style.


Eco Handle Faucets

Unlike conventional mixers, Acacia Evolution’s Eco Handle releases cold water instead of warm water upon lifting the lever. This saves you precious energy as it prevents the boiler from heating up, resulting up to 30% energy savings. To get hot water, you only need to move the lever to the left.


Airnergize Technology

Airnergize Technology in Acacia Evolution handshower provides you with a luxurious shower experience. The technology works by drawing air into the water stream via a cleverly concealed opening at the bottom of the handshower. The water droplets are infused with air bubbles, giving you a feeling of a full shower spray, yet saving water by 20%.


Click Technology

By providing a resistance midway when lifting the lever, this technology gives you better water volume control, saving you precious water.